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Most of the times I find myself with lots of free time, specially during exams (I don't study for most of them), so I decided to offer to you my creativity for any flash animation you'd wish to make. Whether you got the characters and main story ready or just wish to animate a random story, you can ask me to make you a script and you can start with your animation. Just PM and I'll answer you as soon as posible.
Thanks for reading this short but maybe useful new.

I need three voice actors

2009-12-18 19:02:22 by lustigRaul

Hello everyone, I'm making an interactive flash movie about zombie survival, but I don't think I can act all the voices so I need your help! If you please e-mail your voice acting to: with the subject "VOICE ACTING"
These are the lines I want you to read:

Injured Survivor (I'd like him to speak as if he was injured)
"I'm starting to think I might not make it all the way there with my wounds..."
"Aaaah! Holy Sh..UGH!" (that's what someone says when he/she is being eaten alive.

Lucky Civilian (He's just a normal guy... with luck. I'd like him to speak with charisma)
"Holy...! I wonder what could've happened if I hadn't trip with that plank!"
"No, no, no! Nooo!! Aaahh...blugh...blrugh...ugh..." (yep, that's a dead speech lol)

War Veteran (He must sound like a grown up adult since he's quite old)
"And I thought war wouldn't help my future survival."
"What the- how did- aaaaah!!!!! Nooo!!! Noo!!!! Aaaaaggh!! Uggh..." (Yet, another dead scene :D)

Thanks for your support and for your time.

I need three voice actors

Okay! I just wanted to ask you:
Did you have problems putting shadows in the past?
'Cause I did, and it was a pain in the ass. I just want to know to
see if I should make a shadow tutorial to help some people. That's about it.

Thanks for your time,

I must know because im gonna create another tutorial of Creating Characters, and since I only explained how to make heroes, villians, plot, and story line, there must be something more.
Some options would be :
Designing uniforms or clothes
Thinking of names (original names)

there are others of course, thank you for your support.

I want a webpage to be my own design, not made desgins like freewebs please. Thanks